The Summit is designed to activate a deep conversation, foster practical learning and build knowledge to further advance Conscious Capitalism in your own company.

Participants and Speakers come to share challenges and learn from each other in a way that they may not have the opportunity to do with their executive team or board.

Below you'll find the Summit agenda, previous year's themes, and information about our 2nd Annual Lunch Table Discussion and how you can contribute.

Tentative Agenda

Tuesday, October 10th

11:30am: Essentials of Conscious Capitalism

12:00pm: Lunch

1:30pm: Welcome + Connecting

2:10pm: KEYNOTE

2:40pm: BIG IDEA

3:00pm: Break

3:30pm: KEYNOTE

6:00pm: Reception and Dinner with Book Signing

7:30pm: Welcome Back


8:30pm: Closing the Day

8:45pm: Connection lounge with bar

Wednesday, October 11th

6:30am - 8:15am: Breakfast

7:00am - 7:45am: Yoga or Morning Exercise

8:30am: Opening the Day

8:45am: KEYNOTE


9:50am: Break

10:15am: Welcome Back


11:15am: KEYNOTE

12:00pm: KEYNOTE

12:30pm: Lunch

2:00pm: CEO Roundtable

3:00pm: Break

3:15pm: Welcome back

3:30pm: KEYNOTE

4:40pm: KEYNOTE

5:20pm: Small Group Conversations

5:35pm: Feedback and Closing the Day

5:45pm: Reception and Dinner

7:00pm: Connection lounge with bar

Thursday, October 12th

6:30am - 8:15am: Breakfast

7:00am - 7:45am: Yoga or Morning Exercise

8:30am: Opening the Day



10:55am: Break

11:30am: CLOSING

12:00pm: Lunch


Previous Themes


Confidence and Humility:  The Dynamic Duo of Conscious Leadership


Breakthroughs:  Powered by Conscious Capitalism


Congruence:  How Aligned Organizations Attract


The Conscious Leader’s Journey:  Transform Yourself, Energize Your Business & Elevate Humanity


Conscious Capitalism:  The Ultimate Competitive Advantage.  How Higher Purpose, Trust and Care Evaluate Stakeholder Relationships, Energize Culture and Generate Unprecedented Results


Unleashing Stakeholder Value


Exploring the Edges of Conscious Leadership







Lunch Table Discussion

In realizing the power to learn with and from each other, we created the inaugural Lunch Table Discussion program at last year's Summit – and attendee feedback indicated it was one of the best parts of the conference program!

As a participant you have the opportunity to host lunch table conversations, attend them or do both. 

2016 Summit Lunch Table Discussion topics ranged from “Corporate Activism: How to Take a Stand Without Getting Stomped On” by Ben & Jerry’s CEO, Jostein Solheim and Authentic Leadership Institute president, Nick Craig, to “Why Henny Penny Gave its Company to its Workers: A conversation about the ESOP concept, what one company’s experience has been…and how they see it ideally suited to a Conscious Capitalism company” by Henny Penny president and CEO, Rob Connelly and Chairman, Steve Cobb.

Do you have a topic of expertise which you would like to share with other Summit attendees? Have a lesson learned or applicable experience that might help your peers to better implement Conscious Capitalism practices? We'd love to hear your suggestions. Please submit a topic for our Lunch Table Discussion by clicking below and filling out the form.