Roosevelt Giles

EndPoint Ventures

Roosevelt Giles has over 35 years of experience managing domestic and global strategic and operationally complex operations. Giles is the Founder of EndPoint Ventures, a holding company with investments in over 13 companies. Giles holds several board positions including Chairman of Stakeholder Impact Foundation, Inc. Former Chairman of the Board of Atlanta Life Insurance Company, Inc., Former Chairman of the Board of Herndon Capital Management RIA with $10B under management, Former Chairman IMS Asia and IMS Africa, Board Member Tabbi, Inc, Advisory Board Member Nasdaq Board of Excellence, Just Capital, Chairman of the Business Insurance DEi Council, Chairman G HI Holding Heath Care. Giles holds a BS degree in business administration and has studied at the University of South Carolina, Limestone College, with advanced management courses from Harvard and MIT. He has received the: Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist Award 2001. Giles delivered the commencement address at Clayton State University class of 2013. Giles has run over 370 marathons which include running the 50 US States 4x, the 7 continents (including Antarctica, 3x) and a marathon in 53 countries at the request of his brother James Giles before he transitioned in 2013.