Tara Jenkins

Founder, Conscious Revolution
Certified Conscious Capitalism Consultant

Tara Jenkins is a risk-taker, nature lover, wannabe awesome singer, seeker of inner peace, and champion of the underdog. She combined some of these passions as the founder of Conscious Revolution, an organization that partners with CEO’s to build conscious businesses. As one of the first Certified Conscious Capitalism Consultants in the world, she is devoted to building profitable businesses that make the world a better place. A corporate leader turned serial entrepreneur, she is also the Co-Founder of Beyond Racial Equity, a consulting practice teaching leadership teams to dismantle systemic racism in their business, and Broad Views, a global group coaching community where women build the world they want to live in. In all of her businesses, she coaches leaders determined to forge their own authentic leadership path based on their values and a deep intention to build a life they want to live. She is a frequent speaker on all things related to conscious business, equity, diversity and inclusion, culture, and leadership.

Tara has spent her 25-year career shaping and influencing leadership and culture as an HR executive in various industries, including global investment management, nonprofit healthcare, environmental engineering, legal services, and a global multi-billion-dollar veterinary diagnostic company. As a former ex-pat leading HR in Europe, Asia, and S. America she has led diverse and complex teams worldwide. Tara has her undergraduate degree in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University and her master’s degree in Organizational Development and Leadership from St. Joseph’s University. Devoted to community engagement, she is the Founder of the Portland, Maine Conscious Capitalism Chapter, a ProsperityME Board Member, and a Leader Advisor for the Olympia Snowe Women’s Leadership Institute. Tara lives in Maine with her husband, 2 kids, 2 cats, a dog, and a parakeet!