Soyini Coke

<p>Founder and Managing Principal,<br />Annona Enterprises</p>

Since 2003, Soyini Coke has served as the Managing Principal at Annona Enterprises, a strategic advisory firm. With extensive experience in this role, Soyini has provided guidance to numerous C-suite executives, primarily focusing on large healthcare provider groups, hospitals, and government organizations. Her core competency lies in change management and cultural transformations, with completed engagements including a comprehensive healthcare transformation plan for the State of Pennsylvania.

In 2015, Soyini launched CEO Exclusive, a weekly internet radio show and podcast featuring mid-market CEOs.  The show features a CEO (or equivalent) who discusses emerging trends. Over 50% of guests have been on the Best Place to Work, INC 5000 winners, and the Atlanta Pacesetters lists.  After about 100 episodes, she heard her guests talking about having amazing cultures, using their companies to do good in the world, and the importance of focusing on more than just profit.  She came to understand that this is called Conscious Capitalism and has now started a partnership with the CC Atlanta Chapter, called Capitlaism Done Right.  

Prior to founding Annona Enterprises, she founded Twenty Houses, Inc., a real estate investing company that wholesales property to other investors and controls a portfolio of residential real estate. She began her career as a business analyst at McKinsey after graduating cum laude from Harvard University in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Mathematics and Economics.  Her personal interests include travel, salsa, and the spiritual quest for enlightenment. 

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