Jon Berghoff

Design & Facilitation Partner for the 2022 CEO Summit
Founder, XChange

Jon Berghoff is a family man, community builder, and nature lover.  As founder of XCHANGE, Jon is a globally recognized facilitator of high stakes convenings, system level change efforts, and conscious leadership learning journeys.   

When organizations like BMW, Google, NASA, Facebook, Women Presidents Organization, Keller Williams, and Page Society have aimed to unlock potential, at scale, they trust Jon and XCHANGE.  

With over 12,000 coaches and consultants trained in the XCHANGE approach, Jon’s work has shifted the landscape of how we initiate, design and facilitate the conversations that matter most.

Prior to founding XCHANGE, Jon served as head of sales for Vitamix Corporation, recognized by CEO Jodi Berg for catalyzing his business unit growth from $40M to $180M in 4 years, while simultaneously building a truly high purpose culture.  

Through XCHANGE, as well as Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management, Jon teaches on conscious leadership, appreciative inquiry, and conscious facilitation. 

His most meaningful project today… serving as the official design and facilitation partner to, in preparation of a first ever, global design summit, to re-imagine one of our largest mental health crises: suicide prevention.