Roy Swan

Director, Mission Investments Ford Foundation

Roy Swan leads the Ford Foundation’s Mission Investments team, responsible for approximately $1.3 billion in capital dedicated to advancing social justice and addressing inequality through impact investing.

Before joining the Ford Foundation, Roy was managing director and co-head of Global Sustainable Finance at Morgan Stanley.  His Morgan Stanley team committed over $13 billion of the firm’s capital to community development transactions.  Before that, Roy was founding chief investment officer of NYC’s Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone, a federal program designed to revitalize distressed inner city communities, which played a key role in Harlem’s economic rebirth. He also served as CFO at Carver Bancorp, a Harlem-based publicly traded financial institution and the nation’s largest African American managed bank.  In addition, Roy has worked in corporate law at Skadden Arps; investment banking at The First Boston Corporation, Salomon Brothers, and JPMorgan; and finance at Time Warner.

Roy is a current or past board member of numerous nonprofits, including The Dalton School, Enterprise Community Partners, Low Income Investment Fund, the Partnership for After School Education, the Morgan Stanley Foundation, and others. He is also a current or past member of several private equity fund limited partner advisory committees, including Brightwood Capital Partners, Core Innovation Partners, HCAP, National Equity Fund, Seacoast Capital, and others.  Roy continues to serve as a General Partner and Board Member of Morgan Stanley’s SBA-licensed Small Business Investment Company, an entity he co-founded in 2014.

Roy received a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University and a law degree from Stanford Law School, where he was an editor of the Stanford Law Review.