Ron Hill

Chief Enrichment Officer, Redemption Plus

For over twenty years, Ron has been laser-focused on innovating the delivery and redemption of merchandise for Family Entertainment Centers & Bowling Entertainment Centers, along with every aspect that affects game room profitability and beyond. During that time, Redemption Plus has turned the industry on its head, and in the process, changed the way the entire segment operates. Customers win through increased efficiency, streamlined operations, and an end result that increases profitability through a better guest experience. Ron is currently focused on helping change redemption into a tool for doing good, making the world a better place by elevating humanity through business, and strengthening an entire industry – in addition to a few other Big Ideas!

As a company, it’s Redemption Plus’ focus to understand the unspoken need of customers and create unprecedented value for all stakeholders. Every action, every decision, every word works to fulfill their purpose of “enriching lives through insights that empower”.