We are excited to see you at the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort just 20 minutes outside of downtown Austin, with programming running from October 2426. 

As we build out this years agenda, please read a recap of the 2022 Summit below to begin to build momentum for what is sure to be the peer CEO event of the year. This experience is created with deep intention so participants walk away having made meaningful connections that will last far beyond this two-day event.

Program details are subject to moderate modification as the event draws closer.

Monday, October 23, 2023
Opening Reception beings at 7:30 PM

Tuesday, October 24, 2023
Pre-Programming Session: Foundations of Conscious Capitalism
Programming opens at 12:30 PM following lunch

Wednesday, October 25, 2023
Program opens 8:30 AM

Thursday, October 26, 2023
Programming closes 12:30 PM followed by lunch

Igniting Purpose to Elevate Humanity

On the leading edge of the business for social good movement, the Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit convenes world-class leaders who have made a commitment to themselves, their teams, and society to make our world a more just, kind, and prosperous place.

In 2022, Conscious Leaders were center stage, with a focus finding higher ground, addressing employee mental health, focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and many more timely topics. 

Orienting to Higher Purpose
Brooks Running CEO Jim Weber presented a sweeping story about implementing the Conscious Capitalism management philosophy and inspiring his teams while transforming Brooks into a billion dollar brand.

Prioritizing Social Impact
Victor Cho, Board Member and former CEO of Evite, invited us to think about Society as a fourth stakeholder and delivered a compelling framework through which a business can directly attach social impact to its business model.

Closing the Gap
Melanie Dulbecco, CEO of Torani, Diana Propper de Callejon, Managing Director of Cranemere, and Sarah Slusser, CEO of Cypress Creek Renewables, considered the financial and emotional impact of income inequality and how wealth creation should be a priority across all stakeholders of our businesses and in our communities.

“From moment one … there is such a common ground and shared principles. The conversations that I’ve had so far, the connections that I’ve made; it’s not a networking event, it’s a relationship-building, elevating-one-another, sharing-of-ideas event.”

Dan Simons,
Co-Owner and CEO,
Farmers Restaurant Group

Finding Yourself Through the Stories of Others

Conversations from the stage are used as a spark to create deep integration and contemplation of topics critical to your development as a Conscious Leader. The Summit is a professionally facilitated, co-created experience, using the frame of appreciative inquiry to encourage participants to be open to learning, vulnerable with themselves and others, and attuned to bringing actionable insights back to their business.

Digging Deeper
Summit participants know that leadership is an inside job and you can’t be in service to others until you’ve worked on yourself. The Summit brings new energy and moments of reflection to this pursuit of self knowledge through facilitated one-on-one and small group discussions.

Centering on What Matters
These conversations work towards a personal and collective vision for the future of business — one grounded in purpose, authentic leadership, people-first culture, and stakeholder-oriented values.

Sparking Connection
We hear time and again that Summit participants are the most open, kind, and thoughtful leaders you’ll meet. The way our community shows up for each other makes it easy to turn a passing discussion partner into a long-time colleague and friend.

“The CEO Summit is a remarkably diverse collection of business leaders; but they’re more than business leaders, they’re thought leaders… The openness has really helped me learn from people I meet in the workshops, people I meet during the breaks, and from the speakers.”

Leigh White,
CEO, Emerald Scientific, LLC

A Welcoming Community on the Leading Edge

We hear time and again that there is no conference like the CEO Summit. And that’s to be expected because the Summit is so much more than a conference. It’s an immersive experience that connects you to our global network of CEOs, Presidents, and Founders who are innovating new ways to do good and lead well.
Masterfully facilitated, co-created sessions are just one way the Summit will immerse you in
our community.

Connecting Pre-Event
In 2022, we offered two opportunities for participants to meet virtually before connecting on site, making that first meeting in person feel like meeting an old friend.

Dining With Purpose
You never know who you will sit next to at meals: your next best confidant, mentor, or friend. Summit participants often make their most meaningful connections while breaking bread together, enjoying a highly curated selection of fresh and nourishing food options.

Immersing in Nature
With 400+ acres along the Colorado River, the Hyatt Lost Pines is the perfect place to explore through an early morning run with an old friend, yoga on The Lawn, or a pre-dinner walk with a new connection.

“Coming here and realizing that there is a whole tribe of people who are doing what I’ve been doing and there’s a framework you can not only implement consistently but also be able to measure and replicate. So what’s exciting to see is … I’m actually on the right journey, but now I have a tribe to take that journey with.”

George Makaye, CEO, Makaye, Inc.


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The 2023 Summit Meet us at the premier event for CEOs, Presidents, and Founders committed to elevating humanity through business.