2017 Practicums

Creativity and Storytelling


An interactive experience where you will take a different perspective on your life and story by exploring the moments in your life that have changed you.

Leader: IN-Q


Reinventing Organizations


How can you, as a leader, create a powerful invitation to your organization to transform into a conscious business (or a Teal Organization)? There’s a recurring theme holding many transformations back - a leader’s invitation becomes truly powerful only when she/he taps into the strength of their own story, their authentic drivers and motivations. Unfortunately, our current management culture keeps pushing us to deal in abstractions, conceptualizations and bullet points. We almost never get offered a space to inquire into what really drives us.
In this practicum, you’ll be invited to do just that: put the finger on what truly motivates you to do things differently. Listen to your deep hopes and name the unique capacities your bring to the journey ahead. Practicum facilitator Frederic Laloux has practiced this line of inquiry with business leaders unlocking real clarity for them, and tremendous energy within their organization.
You’ll also be invited to ask, from this place of clarity, what are the one or two most important questions you hold for your journey ahead. Through joint exploration and dialogue we’ll come up with concrete answers and ideas, dispelling some common misconceptions and pitfalls about the journey towards a more soulful, powerful and purposeful organizational future.

Leader: Frederic Laloux


The Field Guide to Conscious Capitalism


Timothy Henry and Thomas Eckschmidt have developed the sequel to the best-selling book Conscious Capitalism by Raj and John Mackey withThe Conscious Capitalism Field Manual.  This practical guide provides hands-on materials - exercises, assessments, and checklists--used to implement the tenets of Conscious Capitalism.

This practicum will be focused on providing some of the most powerful tools from the book - in particular a quick guide for how to evaluate where your company is on the journey to Conscious Capitalism and what the most impactful next step might be for you to commit to. This will be a hands on session looking at the “12 steps” to Conscious Capitalism and how to engage your leadership team on this journey.

Come away with:

  • An overview of the “12 steps” to Conscious Capitalism
  • Results of a quick diagnostic on where you are on the journey
  • Identification of  potential next  steps for your organization 
  • Concrete ideas for how to bring your leadership team along on the journey 

Leader: Timothy Henry


It's Time to Change the Way We Think About Learning


Creating and fostering a world of conscious leaders requires both a shift in current leadership paradigms, and the adoption of a new education paradigm for future generations. Join internationally recognized journalism teacher and founder of the Palo Alto High School Media Arts Program, and co-author of Moonshots in Education: Launching Blended Learning in the Classroom, Esther Wojcicki, for an engaging Q&A conversation focused on time-tested educational strategies that will lead to elevating humanity and a better world for everyone. Whether you're leading a multi-generational workforce searching for innovative learning and development programs for the next generation of leaders, or you're a parent/guardian looking out for the best future of your loved ones, this session will open your minds to a learning revolution that will change the world.

Leader: Esther Wojcicki


Values Aligned Capital for Conscious Companies: From Growth to Liquidity


Founders and CEOs of sustainable and impact companies are in search of capital and liquidity options that don’t jeopardize their company’s core purpose.  The introduction of outside capital whether a minority or majority liquidity represents a vulnerable decision point that can have permanent effects on the mission, future, and legacy of a company.

The session will highlight exit / liquidity and capital option for impact CEO’s with a special focus on how to preserve mission through your company’s most important financial transactions.  The session will include a panel of two CEO’s, a long-term investor, and experienced advisor who have all forged an alternative path to create liquidity and preserve mission.  The panel includes Matt O’Hayer, CEO and Founder of Vital Farms and Blair Kellison, CEO of Traditional Medicinals both leading brands in their categories, Diana Propper, Managing Director of Cranmere Inc. and Jessica Bissey, Senior Corporate Associate, of Morrison & Foerster and will be moderated by Michael Whelchel, Managing Partner of Big Path Capital.

As the session is focused on growth and later stage companies, attendees of companies with greater than $10 mm in annual revenues is requested.

Leaders: Michael WhelchelMatt O'HayerDiana Propper de CallejonBlair Kellison, and Jessica Bissey