Jay Jakub

Senior Director of External Research, Mars, Incorporated/Catalyst & Co-author, Completing Capitalism

Dr. Jay Jakub is the Senior Director of External Research at Mars, Incorporated / Catalyst – the multinational family-owned makers of iconic brands like M&Ms, Snickers, Uncle Ben’s, Pedigree, Royal Canin, Wrigley’s and more.  Jay helps Mars’ chief economist manage Catalyst, the Mars think tank.  Over the last 5+ decades, Catalyst’s remit has been to challenge conventional business thinking by developing breakthrough capabilities to solve the most complex business challenges.  One such capability is the Economics of Mutuality (EoM), a transformational business model innovation initiated in 2006/7 as a response to the Mars shareholder question “What should be the right level of profit?”  Catalyst with Oxford University has since developed robust evidence demonstrating that when a company enacts Mutuality as a business model (using innovative management practices, new performance metrics, new modes of profit construction) they can be more responsible (for society & the environment) and more profitable – even in the short-term – than firms seeking to maximize profit.  EoM is being tested across many markets and is evolving into a global movement involving multinational companies beyond Mars, and with world class universities like Oxford, Science Po Paris, CEIBS Shanghai – with the purpose to Complete Capitalism.  Jay’s first book on EoM, Completing Capitalism:  Heal Business to Heal the World (with Bruno Roche) was published in the US in 2017 (Berrett-Koehler) and in China in Mandarin in 2018 (CITIC Press).  He is also the author of Spies & Saboteurs (Macmillan & St. Martin’s, 1999) and a co-author of the forthcoming book, The Economics of Mutuality:  Putting Purpose into Practice.  His PhD is from Oxford University.