About Conscious Capitalism, Inc.

We are stewards of the Conscious Capitalism movement and management philosophy, abiding by the core belief that business is good, ethical, noble, and heroic. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Conscious Capitalism, Inc. (CCI) provides leaders with support to run their businesses in a conscious way so that billions of people can flourish, leading lives infused with passion, purpose, love and creativity, creating a world of freedom, harmony, prosperity, and compassion. We are building the movement of leaders who are improving the practice and purpose of capitalism to elevate humanity through business.

About the CEO Summit

The CEO Summit began in 2008 as an intimate gathering of like-valued leaders exploring the ideas behind what would later become the Conscious Capitalism management philosophy. We’ve come a long way from that original group, nestled together on CCI co-founder John Mackey’s ranch. Those conversions created the foundations of the robust “Business as a Force for Good” community that has developed over the last 16 years and has influenced so many to rethink how they can serve the world and their community right along with their bottomline. Today, the Summit is designed to maintain that original sense of intimacy while now annually hosting over 200 CEOs, Presidents, and Founders invited from amongst the thousands of Conscious Capitalists working to elevate humanity through business around the world.


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The 2024 Summit Meet us at the premier event for CEOs, Presidents, and Founders committed to elevating humanity through business.